Cozumel – Boom or Bust


Kids of Las Fincas

    Cozumel is a boom or bust town. A few blogs back we were smack dab in the middle of Septi-hambre (Cozumel’s nick-name for September) referring to hungry month. People were slower to smile and desperate for a peso or two.
     November 15th marked the turn-around for Cozumel from bust to boom. The island is now officially out of hurricane season, cruise ships have begun to return to the island – sometimes as many as 6 per day disembark, and thousands of elite athletes from around the world came to participate in the Ironman on December 1. The island is once again hopping, hopeful and prosperous – at least for a while.
With each passing day we are becoming more and more involved with, and in love with the people. Every Sunday we meet new couples, snowbirds who have come back to the island for 6 months to ride out the cold, snowy winters of Canada and the Eastern U.S. Gia has been singing in the church worship band, and taught a Zumba class for a fundraiser, put on by Kailea’s school, for a little girl who needs brain surgery.
Eric has been enjoying guest preaching and, of course, machetting out in Las Fincas. He has taken on a
Imagenew identity,” Jungle Man”, and spends nearly every waking moment, when he’s not at the gym or walking the dog, in Las Fincas. People are beginning to recognize him, and see that he is different than the other gringos. He has dug alongside them, helping to restore a flooded road. He has been invited to baby dedications, and has been called hermano (brother) by friends who have appreciated the small gift of rice and a cooked chicken. He evidently has amazing machete skills and has been asked to teach his methods (video to come soon). Strangers have come up to him and said that they know that he is working for the church, they have seen the sign for the community gardens and they want to help. The Lord is indeed at work here.
 The Las Fincas Community Gardens – The Oasis, is beginning to take shape. The land is completely cleared, the compost is nearly ready to start planting the raised garden beds, (thanks to Nacho the crazy juice man and his fruit rinds) Image, and the native plants that we began from seed are growing and flourishing. We have over 30 corn plants, 60 jamaica plants, and a whole watermelon crop growing, as well as squash, passion fruit, plantains. Chaya, and an orange tree we found on the property. Hopefully, in the next few months, we will see tomatoes, artichokes, eggplant, lettuce, cabbage, spinach and more! Once the display gardens are complete, we will hold compost and gardening clinics for the community.
There are lots of ways that you can help and be part of this mission project.  First and foremost, we need your prayers. Please pray that the people of this island will come to know Jesus as their savior, that God will continue to be glorified, and pray for the protection of our family.  Secondly, we have several immediate material needs for the mission center. We need a long handled shovel, a wheelbarrow, cement, and fruit trees. If you would like to donate, please click on the link below.
Vaya con Dios.