New day of sweating buckets.  when I moved to Hawaii years ago, I remember it took about six months to acclimate.  I love the heat and humidity here, it is amazing for all the metal the surgeries placed in my back and neck.  In CA, I would roll out of bed and gimp around.  Here, not so much. To warm up for the gym I just wave my arms around in the air a few times and I already have that warm up sheen.  I do love my little gym here, you have several choices but the one i like is all local people, no air conditioning, older equipment, all in kilos, no shirt required, kind of place.  This is how I am learning Spanish and making friends.  A typical day for me is wake up at six, read my Bible, coffee, shower, hang with Kailea, (up at 6 ish)  Go to the gym with KaiKai, Gia at yoga or Zumba.  Work out with my new buddies, head home, clean up the house, orphanage by 10, work it, sweat, get eaten by every type of bug.  Leave when you feel an inner heat that does not go away with water… meaning, about to pass out.  head home, shower up, and run some errands.  Every errand is an adventure and a learning experience.  Yesterday I needed two hex nuts, a machete, sharpening stone, and staple gun.  (of course in the States I have 5 awesome machetes, 3 staple guns and a whole top notch sharpening set a buddy gave me…in the States)  Three Ferretarias (hardware store) and three horas later later I had my hex nuts and one machete. no staple guns on the Island.  The machete was basically a wad of metal, I ground it down today.  I did end up with two roasted chickens and tortillas for about ten bucks.  A good day.  Every person should experience being either a minority or an abject foreigner. It teaches patience and humility.  I am respected here because I smile and try to learn the culture.  They do not care about my car, portfolio, clothes, etc.  Everything that makes you, you…that is what they care about. Same as our gym, work ethic, ability to get along and cleanliness, that translates and crosses barriers.  During the recession in San Clemente, we almost got there.  Our humility in job loss and wage reduction brought us closer together, unfortunately, we have short memories.  Maybe not,  good stock as they say. Well, off to find ganejos de la tierra, earthworms.  Take care my friends.

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  1. physical, …working out
    mental…..handling our Granddaughter
    Spiritual….Reading the bible and listening to what God has in store for you…

    We love you and pray for you daily….

  2. I miss your writing. Very Hemingway-like. I am happy for you. It just seems to me like you were created to do what you are doing and live the way you are living. Odd to say given you grew up in south Orange County with a dad who’s a big time exec. But whenever I hear the term “old soul”, I think of you. Please keep up your blog!

    • Hi Jeff,
      Good to hear from you. You can go to to my gym, grab some of my tools and smuggle them down or go to click on donate and put in the memo Mexico Lucy Project.

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