Las Fincas – The Farms

7 Day Hero, Mexico

Image Cozumel is a very beautiful island with warm, friendly people. When you visit it is very easy to see only the beauty here. But when you venture a short 3 blocks away from the sea, and cruise-ship-filled horizon, your eyes behold a very different scene.

Today we drove through a community called Las Fincas , which translated to English means The Farms.  I didn’t see any farms, but rather the area brought to mind the story of The Three Little Pigs. Many of the homes were built out of sticks, aluminum siding, pallets that washed

Image up on shore or tar paper. They are smack dab in the middle of the jungle – the lush greens of the plants make even the shantiest of homes seem pleasant, but in the rainy season (which it is now) the mosquitos abound carrying dengue fever and encephalitis.

So for me the question is how…

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One thought on “Las Fincas – The Farms

  1. Dear Eric , Gia and Kailea:

    Greetings from Mission Viejo, Ca., what a wonderful work of the Lord your family is doing. We’re proud of what you’ve accomplished, and we are certain the people there appreciate your efforts.

    We’d love to hear your blogs Gia, let us know what we can be praying for.

    Sincerely and in the Lord

    Barbara and Larry Konopasky

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